Frame Aspect: 16:9 Submitter Country: US

A young boy pulls a tablecloth out from under dishes on a kitchen counter, and the dishes stay on the table, but then he does it again with water in a cup, and he looks at the camera when a plate breaks on the ground.

Frame Aspect: 16:9 Submitter Country: US

A teen girl jumps on an air mattress and launches a tot boy forward off of an air mattress. He hits a TV in cabinet, nearly knocking it over. The boy starts to cry and the teen girl ushers him out of the room. Two younger girls rush to return the room to normal.

Frame Aspect: 16:9 Submitter Country: US

A dog pulls the kitchen tablecloth down from the table to bring a box of pizza to its mouth!

Frame Aspect: 0.562 Submitter Country: US

A Beagle dog gets his collar caught in a tablecloth of a dining room table. The tablecloth is pulled off and everything falls onto the floor and shatters. Security footage.

Frame Aspect: 16:9 Submitter Country: US

A woman and a young boy play Rochambeau in the living room. The young boy wins. He picks up a tortilla and slaps the woman hard. She laughs.

Frame Aspect: 16:9 Submitter Country: CA

A young boy sits at a dining table facing a cat on a counter on the other side. The cat sit jumps onto the table and slides on the tablecloth and goes over the opposite edge of the table.

Frame Aspect: 4:3 Submitter Country: US

Big black and brown dog barks at white cat that is sitting on tablecloth at dinner table. Dog pulls tablecloth down and cat comes along with it.

Frame Aspect: 0.556 Submitter Country: United States

A beagle is pulling tablecloth on outside table to bring pizza closer. She ends up nabbing a slice.