Frame Aspect: 0.562 Submitter Country: US

A woman finds her young son with part of his head shaved and he blames his sister. The woman says she will look at her "Spy" cameras and the boy admits he did it to himself.

Frame Aspect: 16:9 Submitter Country: US

A cat jumps up on a counter in a kitchen. It looks at a security camera and swats it down.

Frame Aspect: 4:3 Submitter Country: United States

Security footage shows twin boy tots playing with Christmas tree ornaments as a woman's voice comes on a loud speaker and says "Santa's watching" and will not give them presents.

Frame Aspect: 16:9 Submitter Country: US

A woman turns her back as she eats fries and a burger next to a black dachshund dog and a brown dachshund dog is lowered into frame with a harness to steal one of her french fries, then pulled away before the woman turns back. Mission Impossible theme music plays over the video. Production video.

Frame Aspect: 3:2 Submitter Country:

Little boy doing the alphabet song on the toilet, grunts to push out the #2 along to tune.