Frame Aspect: 16:9 Submitter Country: US

A puppy dog puts his paw on a bald man's head repeatedly in the house, and the man recites different blessings for himself.

Frame Aspect: 16:9 Submitter Country: US

A teen girl talks about the gauze in her mouth after a wisdom teeth removal in the car and says "God is in my mouth I have to be real careful not to chew him up because then he can't help us." Her mother tells her it's "gauze" not "God" and the girl asks if that's God's brother then says "apparently Janette is not doing a good job at Sunday school."

Frame Aspect: 3:2 Submitter Country:

Black lab dog barks at a Jesus statue in the neighbor's yard.

Frame Aspect: 4:3 Submitter Country: US

Three year old girl saying grace at table turns to camera and says "hey you have to do it, too."