Frame Aspect: 0.562 Submitter Country: US

Older man tapes tennis racquet bug zapper to broom handle, tries to zap wasp nest on outside of house, wasps get angry.

Frame Aspect: 16:9 Submitter Country: CA

Two teen boys play badminton in a back yard. One boy swings with his racquet, stumbles, falls into the net and knocks it down to the ground. The other teen boy laughs.

Frame Aspect: 4:3 Submitter Country: US

A teen girl makes a Happy New Year presentation in a bedroom as another girl hides in a closet behind her. The first girl yells, swings a tennis racquet, and smashes a light above her head.

Frame Aspect: 4:3 Submitter Country:

Old man dances around pool and accidentally falls in.