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"No Other But Mother" A young boy snuggles with his mother. He tells his father that the only girl he loves is his Mom. He thinks all other girls are gross and that he won't marry anyone.

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Two young sisters have a staring contest. One girl says the other girl blinks, but the other girl says she just closed her eyes.

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"Milk Jug Jokers" Two men smack each other on the back of the head with a plastic milk jug.

1m1s 1700566

"Sneaky Treat Taker" A small dog attempts to sneak a bone away from a larger dog. The small dog won't make eye contact with the big dog, the small dog slowly backs away with the bone until the large dog barks, then the small dog runs away with it.

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"We Got the Bleat" A goat makes weird noises and pushes his face through a fence.

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