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"Accidental Cup Crime" - A boy begs his mother not to call the cops after he accidentally steals a cup from a gas station. He sobs and pleads with her hysterically in the car.

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A teen girl dances indoors while a woman pops in and out of a closet door behind her, then comes out to join her. They take turns running into the closet when a senior woman dances across the floor as well. At 2:03:00 the senior woman dances across again and sits down in a chair just as the teen girl pulls the chair away and the senior woman falls backwards and hits her head.

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A man lip syncs to his tot son's tantrum in the car as the boy says repeatedly that he wants to go to Mickey Mouse's house.

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Two teen girls lie down under a trampoline outdoors while their brother fills up a large water balloon above them. It pops on the trampoline and pours all over them at 3:52.

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White cat hides in a box with a hole cut through the top. Cat pokes its head out & attacks a Golden Retriever dog.

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