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What Do You Need?

You need a Chihuahua with an improbable capacity for peeing? We got it. How about a Grandpa pummeled by a piñata stick? We got it. Do you need trouble on a trampoline? We got that, too. We don’t call them the Funniest for nothing.

Don’t need funny? Maybe you need real. Maybe you need those authentically real life moments that just can’t be faked or staged. Maybe you need quadruplets laughing in unison . . . or a passel of kids falling out of a swimming pool . . . or parents discovering they’re about to be grandparents? We have those clips, too. Real life is happening all around us. We happened to collect it right here.

How Do You Find What You Need?

With HVL’s easy search and discoverability, finding the right clip for your message is easier than ever.

The first step is to register for an account. Just go to the "Registration" tab at the top of this page. Once you've done that, finding a great video clip through HVL is easy.

What kind of clips are you searching for? Clips with dogs? Kids? Trampolines? Enter a key word in the large search field at the top of the page. Try “dog,” for example. Want to narrow your search? If you want to see only clips that have both dogs and children in them, then enter "dogs AND kids." Make sure "AND" is in all caps. Do you want dog clips but you want to exclude any clips that also have kids in them? Then use "dogs NOT kids." You're open to seeing clips with either one or the other? Search using "dogs OR kids."

After viewing your displayed results of clips, you can further refine your query using the filter tools displayed on the left hand side of the page. For example, you can filter by various categories, ethnicity, age group, location and emotion. BE SURE TO CLEAR YOUR FILTERS BEFORE STARTING A NEW SEARCH.

Please note that you can hover your cursor over the thumbnails for video previews or simply click on them to see the video clip in a larger view.

How Do You Save and Share the Video Clips You Found?

If you want to save the home video clips you've selected or if you want to share your selections with others on your team, you will have to create a video clip bin to store your clip selections.

Click “Clip Bin” in the top right of the page, beneath the search bar.

Select "Create a new clip bin" from the drop down menu, then name your clip bin and include any notes you'd like associated with the clip bin. Below the drop down menu you’ll see the option to “set focus to this clip bin.” If you check that box, then all clips that you select will default into that clip bin, until you direct the focus elsewhere. Setting the focus is helpful if you've created multiple clip bins.

Add video clips to your focused clip bin by clicking on the “+” icon underneath the clip thumbnail. Alternatively, you can check the box to the right of the clip number, then use the “Clip Bin Tools” drop down menu to specify to which of your clip bins you would like to send that clip.

Once clips are in the clip bin, you will be able to share the clip bin with others by selecting "Email this clip bin" from the Options column on the left of your screen.

Please note that the licensing rights you require must be selected for each individual clip before it can be moved to your cart. The clip will not appear in your cart until you have selected licensing rights from the drop-down menu.

How Do You License Home Video Clips?

Once you have selected the best clips for your project, just tell us what rights you’ll need and for how long. Here's all you need to know to execute a license agreement
  • When you click on a thumbnail image, an information page will open, including your chosen clip in a full-sized video player. Below the player you'll find a series of simple drop-down menus. Use these menus to select the licensing rights your project requires.
  • After you've selected the licensing rights, the license fee will be displayed to you. If you get a message that says “please call,” it just means that you may have requested a special situation that we can assist you with.
  • Click "add to cart."
  • From there you can either create a quote or proceed to checkout and license your clips.
  • After paying by credit card and agreeing to our Terms of Use and to our Content License Agreement, a Transaction Summary will then be generated and the clip will be ready for immediate download. Your Transaction Summary will serve as your contract.
  • We would love to see your finished project so be sure to let us know how and where we can view it!

What Should You Know Before You Start Searching?

We love to see creative people find new uses for our clips. But there are some uses that we don’t allow. Please review the following restrictions before you start your search.
  • We will not grant exclusivity for any license. Why? We don’t make promises that we can’t keep.
  • We will not grant a license for any TV entertainment program intended to air in the UK, whether by terrestrial broadcast or by satellite; meaning a TV entertainment program intended to air worldwide must be blocked in the UK. The good news is that use in TV commercials to air in UK is permitted.
  • We will not grant a license for use in television clip shows or television productions in which over 20% of entertainment content is user-generated content. This applies to both US and non-US-based productions. This means that if your TV show has 20 minutes of content to air and four minutes or more minutes consists of user-generated clips, then you may not include our clips in your show. Why? ‘Cause it could get awkward, seeing ourselves competing against ourselves like that.
  • We will not grant a license to ANY project, either for television programs, internet entertainment projects, or advertising or marketing campaigns, in which the footage will be used to solicit the submission of other user-generated content. Sorry, but you can’t use our library to build a library for your own show.
  • We will not grant a license to any digital projects in which licensee will primarily collect ad-based revenue for the use and display of the project (e.g. posting content within projects that will be monetized solely from pre-roll or banner advertising) and no use in digital projects/programs in which the entertainment content consists of over 20% user-generated content. Why? We have our clips on our YouTube channels. If we let you use our clips on your YouTube channels, then everyone would want to use our clips on their YouTube channels and if that happened then the Internet would explode. And no one wants the Internet to explode.
  • We will not grant a license to any Advertising project for a term of perpetuity. Perpetuity term is limited to uses in the media of films (features, independent, made-for-TV, straight to DVD, etc.) and in TV programming. You don’t really want to see your commercial running forever anyway, do you?
  • We will not grant a license to any Advertising project associated with vices such as smoking, alcohol, sex-related products, etc. Why? Because no one wants to see their kid’s birthday video end up in an ad for a male enhancement product.
  • We will not grant a license for any use in Gaming devices, both computer games and gambling games. We would bet you can guess why this is.
  • We will not grant a license for any use within promotional spots for TV shows (i.e. use outside the program for promotion of the program). Why? It’s like the “competing against ourselves” thing.

Thanks for your understanding. Any questions? Just give us a call.