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What is Home Video Licensing?

Home Video Licensing (HVL), gives you access to thousands of funny, surprising, and uniquely authentic videos for use in commercials, films, mobile entertainment, educational products, and online marketing and is powered by the legendary library from Vin Di Bona, creator and producer of America's Funniest Home Videos. Before there was YouTube, America’s Funniest Home Videos fed the world's fancy for high quality user-generated content. Today, access thousands of funny and true-to-life clips all in one place.

Unique Clips for Your Unique Message

HVL’s user-generated clip library, deep, broad, vast, and true-to-life, is handpicked from 800,000+ submissions and available in multiple ad-friendly categories. Our footage has been licensed by studios for use in both major motion pictures and documentaries. The clips have been featured in projects ranging from international ad campaigns to public service announcements and from talk shows to trade shows. One of our clips even provided the plot of an episode of South Park!

Ad agencies have engaged us for both online and television spots for products of all types: from paper towels to power tools, and from high-tech electronics to milk.

You want to talk about universal appeal? Our clips have appeared in ad campaigns across six continents. If you need a spot to air in Antarctica, give us a call. We would love that notch on our belt.

Do You Need Suggestions or Help Getting Started?

Want some suggestions? Contact our savvy research team and one of our experienced research professionals will help bring your story to life. Let us suggest clips or search terms for your project. If you’d prefer, we can build a clip bin for you to review. We would love to hear from you. All calls or emails are answered within one business day.

Call our Los Angeles office at 310.442.5685 and tell us what you have in mind.

You may also send an email to Give us as much detail about your project as you can. Is it for an ad campaign? For a television project? For your sales meeting? Do you have script pages or storyboards you would like to share? What is the message you hope to convey? The more information you can provide, the more quickly we can find the right clip for your project.

Can I Get a Multi-Clip Discount?

Sure you can! Let's talk! You can give us a call at 310.442.5685

Not feeling chatty? In a distant time zone? Send us an email:

All calls or emails are answered within one business day.

Do you have a project that seems more ambitious than what we’ve described? We can help with that as well. Use our format and production expertise to create your own branded clip show. You could become one of the global producers to use our clips and show “recipes” to create a new brand, suitable for your territory. We can provide clip mixes such as musical montages, thematic playlists and interactive audience elements.

Do you represent a consumer product brand with interest in collecting User Generated Content from its fans and customer base for a campaign or other promotion? We have a system in place to help you manage all your user-generated video. Our services include an upload application specifically developed to take in all your submissions, plus an automated Docusign tool for instantly obtaining clearances from users. We’ve been collecting user-generated video for 28 years. Don’t reinvent the wheel! Contact us now for more information on our UGC services.