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As licensors of the America's Funniest Home Videos clip library, we provide unique access to a world-class collection of premium user-generated content.

Bonehead Bonanza

We’re not always as smart as we like to think we are. Fortunately, most of our boneheaded choices aren’t captured on video. But when they are, Home Video Licensing has the cooking disasters, the home repair catastrophes and the other “doh!” moments that teach us that even the smartest of us can do dumb things.

Family Fun

Kids can capture it all – from wide-eyed innocence to sly devilry. They laugh. They cry. They guilelessly charm. The Home Video Licensing clip library has them from the time they take their first steps to losing a tooth; at play, at school and in sports; all year round.

Fido's Foibles

The non-human members of our family are always the most unpredictable and often the most photogenic. The Home Video Licensing clip library has the antics of our animal friends at their spontaneous best.